How to Become a Great Knitter


Most beginners are intimidated by expert knitters and famous designers. I know I was when first attempting to knit a basic sweater. But, over the years I’ve found that great knitters are not to be feared; they’re just simple folks who choose to exercise their creativity and put a unique personal stamp on the knitted items they make.

How to Become a Great Knitter

  • Great knitters do not allow their creativity to be inhibited. They look for ways to increase the flow of creative juices every time they knit an item. These knitters intrinsically know that by changing colors or adding a specialty design detail, they can turn a sweater, scarf or other item into a designer original.
  • To become a great knitter takes practice and perseverance. Specific attention MUST be paid to details like gauge, proper fit and quality finishing and assembly. There are probably other technical factors as well, and of course one can take courses and become guild certified as well.

In the end the only things that matter about becoming a great knitter are a love for knitting and a willingness to keep on learning and experimenting with new knitting projects, specialty yarns and unusual embellishments.


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