Forty Free Knitting Patterns for Your Kitchen


5 Incredible Free Knitted Tea Cozy Patterns

  • Aromatherapy Knitted Tea Cosy Pattern – Knitted with hidden pockets so that you can place aromatherapy herbs inside.
  • Elephant Knitted Tea Cozy Pattern – Ideal for short fat teapots
  • Felted Knitted Tea Cozy Pattern – Made with two strands of chunky weight yarn that’s felted into the perfect shape for a tea cozy.
  • Car Tea Cosy Knitting Pattern – Looks just like a car when knitted, and it keeps the tea warm as well.
  • Knitted Beehive Tea Cozy – The simple pattern uses knit and purl stitches to form a cute beehive.

5 Free Simple Knitted Dish Cloth Patterns

  • Ballband Dish Cloth Pattern – A simple knitted dishcloth pattern that was designed for Canadian
  • Diagonal Knit Dish Cloth Pattern – This basic knitting pattern starts in one corner with 4 stitches and increases and decreases back to 4 stitches in the opposite diagonal corner.
  • Argyle Lace Knit Dish Cloth Pattern – Use a basic stockinette stitch with a few yarn-overs to work this free knitting pattern.
  • The Thrifty Knitter Dish Cloth Pattern – This dish cloth can be made in a variety of colors and makes for great stocking-stuffers.
  • Nubbins Dish Cloth – The simple knit pattern has a delightful and clever twist.

5 Free Knitted Dishcloth Patterns With US Military Emblems

  • US Air Force Dishcloth Knitting Pattern – Follow the free knitting chart to create an embedded replica of the US Air Force emblem.
  • US Army Dishcloth Knitting Pattern – This free knitting pattern is a great way to showcase the army’s readiness to defend with dignity and honor.
  • US Coast Guard Dishcloth Knitting Pattern – This knitted dishcloth would be a great gift for a loved one serving in the US Coast Guard.
  • US Navy Dishcloth Knitting Pattern – The designer, RaAnn Clegg, created the US Navy dishcloth knitting pattern to honor her brother.
  • US Marines Dishcloth Knitting Pattern – This free dishcloth knitting pattern showcases the US Marine Corps’ Eagle, Glove and Anchor insignia.

5 Unusual Free Knitted Dishcloth Patterns

  • Slip-Stitch Cotton Dishcloth Knitting Pattern – The Thrifty Knitter offers this beginner dishcloth pattern to knit in just a few hours!
  • Oh So Slow Snail Knitted Dishcloth Pattern – This free knitting pattern will introduce you to the basics of reading a knitting chart.
  • Log Cabin Dishcloth Knitting Pattern – Quilters will recognize this pattern as one of the basic pieced patterns you learn to make when first being introduced to quilting.
  • Aunt May Knitted Dishcloth Pattern – Homespun Living presents this adorable free dishcloth knitting pattern designed for the knitter’s Aunt May.
  • Cute Cloth and Rad Rag Knitting Pattern – This unusual dishcloth knitting pattern is worked on US size 10 circular knitting needles


5 Knitted Kitchen Dish Towel Patterns

  • Garter Stitch Knitted Dish Towel Pattern – You’ll need to know how to make the garter stitch (knit every row) to work this free pattern.
  • Vintage Dish Towel Knitting Pattern – Cristina Bernardi Schiffman designed this free dish towel knitting pattern for Canadian Living.
  • Fun Posy Kitchen Dish Towel Knitting Pattern – This free dish towel knitting pattern is worked in the shape of a flower with petals.
  • Ribbed Knit Dish Towel Pattern – The easy knitting pattern works up quickly and makes a great housewarming gift.
  • Seed Stitch Dish Towel Knitting Pattern – This free dish towel knitting pattern uses the seed and “lazy purl” stitches to achieve a startling effect.

5 Practical Tea Knitting Patterns

  • Knitted Teacup Pot Holder Pattern – This cute tea cup pot holder works up fast (in a couple of hours).
  • Teapot Washcloth Knitting Pattern – This free teapot washcloth knitting pattern is made entirely with one color medium weight cotton yarn and US size 6 knitting needles.
  • Tea Bags Basket Knitting Pattern – Impress your afternoon tea guests with this free knitted basket that holds over 10 tea bags.
  • Tea Wallet Knitting Pattern – If you enjoy tea on the go; then you’ll love knitting tea wallets to hold teabags and condiment packets.
  • Teacup Lid Knitting Pattern – Imagine putting a knitted beret on top of your teacup or mug! That’s what the teacup lid looks like.


5 Teacup Knitting Patterns

  • Teacup Potholder Knitting Pattern – Teacup collectors will love this cute teacup potholder knitting pattern to make in your favorite colors.
  • Teacup Table Runner Knitting Pattern – Knit a table runner to match your teacup potholder with this free pattern and medium weight cotton yarn.
  • Teacup Knitted Table Set – For your favorite tea lover, knit this beautiful table set complete with place mats and matching teacup coasters.
  • Teacup Apron Knitting Pattern – This free knitting pattern reminds me of the vintage aprons my grandmother used to wear when I was a little girl.
  • Knitted Teacup Chair Pad – This free knitting pattern is a bit more complicated than the ones above.


5 Wine Bottle Cozy Knitting Patterns

  • Penche Wine Bottle Cozy Knitting Pattern – Surprise a hostess with this gift the next time you take a bottle wine to a dinner party.
  • Turtleneck Wine Bottle Cozy Knitting Pattern – Knit a turtleneck sweater for a bottle of wine with this free pattern from Diane Marsh for Red Heart Yarns.
  • Buttoned Wine Bottle Cozy Knitting Pattern – This free knitting pattern makes an adjustable bottle cozy that can fit standard size as well as champagne size wine bottles.
  • Cable Knit Wine Bottle Cozy Knitting Pattern – Red Heart Yarns offers this easy free cable knit wine bottle cozy pattern to make in time for the winter holiday season.
  • Leaf Wine Bottle Cozy Knitting Pattern – Lily Sugar ‘n Cream offers this free wine bottle cozy knitting pattern that has a leaf design.